IO 1 & IO 2 | App & Portal

The app and the portal act as the technical components of <colette/>.

The Portal

… serves as an authoring tool to create tasks and paths. Monitoring is included when using the digital classroom, where you can see the progress of your students. Also, the handbook is linked on the portal, giving guidance for educators.

The portal can be found here:

The App

… is used by students to work on the tasks educators have created in the portal. The students can use AR-previews, a task image and hints containing text, image or video content. Using the digital classroom enables students to get live feedback from their teacher and request help using the chat if and when needed.

The app can be found in the

App Store: here

Play Store: here

A description of these intellectual outputs can be found in these slides (by clicking on the picture):

Or by following this link.