IO3 & IO4 | Design of Task Families

The didactic output of the project <colette/> is clustered in Task Families. These are sets of tasks that differ in specific settings.

The Task Families that have been integrated in the portal are the following:

In Building Cubes students work with algorithms that create structures out of colored cubes.

In Drone students work with algorithms that create a flying route of a drone that takes pictures on the way of designated spots.

In Free Tasks teachers can create their own tasks without constraints. This allows to create tasks for any kind of subject.

In Patterns students analyze the structure of a sequence to identify the underlying pattern and fill in the missing piece.

The task creation is very easy and yet yield into a variety of tasks. There are a lot of different settings as well as scenarios and problem definitions – the creativity has no end:

A description of these intellectual outputs can be found in these slides (by clicking on the picture):

Or by following this link.