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Here you can find more information on the portal and the app.

List of Content

  1. Important Links
  2. App Introduction
  3. Portal Introduction
  4. Task Sequence Creation
  5. Classroom

The Portal

The portal can be found here.

The Apps

For Android you can find the app here.

For iOS you can find the app here.

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01 App Introduction

In this first module, after a little ice-breaker, we will present the App, how to install it on your smartphone or tablet, and we will sketch what Computational Thinking really is about.

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02 Portal Introduction

In this second module, go on the other side of the mirror, where things are done, learn how to create tasks and paths on the portal.

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03 Task Sequence Creation

In this module, you will create a path, a sequence of tasks according to your pedagogical goals and test it among colleagues.

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04 Classroom

In this module, you will learn how to use Colette in the classroom, especially through the Digital Classroom which is a synchronous way to work together on a path for a limited timespan, whether in the class, as a homework or during a longer project period.

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